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There are different ways of  how to build your network marketing business for getting more leads. This ideas will help you look for  mlm blog training and have a strategy when finding leads. If you want to learn more about  network marketing leads, you can visit network marketing plans.


So many times when you enter the world of Network Marketing, someone, somehow has tried to get the idea into your head that it will be all sitting on the beach sipping a cold drink while the money pours in, with no work needed from you.

That is far from the truth WHEN you are STARTING OUT. Give it a few years of hard work, and THEN you can sit back on the beach watching the money roll in, though you will still have to turn the spit on your business some.

MOST Network Marketing Companies show how simple the concept of Network Marketing is:
1) Sign up to market products and/or services offered by the company to the people you know.

2) Gather a handful of loyal customers (smaller handful with ongoing service, larger handful for products)

3) Find like minded people who what to do the same (your downline consultants) and help them gather a handful of loyal customers and find like minded people who want to do the same

4) Repeat #2-3 as many times as necessary to achieve your financial goals and have a stable downline with residual income.

AND the good news is, it really is that simple, four steps that you perfect and you can build a large team of motivated people and a solid base of loyal customers (both personally sponsored and in your downline) who regularly use or purchase your products.

Simple, yes, easy? not really… Doable? most definitely!

As I had said before,
1) you need to believe in the product or service that you offer (for example I offer electricity in the program I am in, and I believe it is an important and useful product that others should (and do) use);

2)you must believe in your company (I have total faith in the integrity of my companies founders, and believe they both value and respect the customers and consultants who support their company, and that they are honest in their business dealings.)

3) you must believe in yourself (I have faith that if I continue to work hard, learn more, improve myself and my skills, and treat others with respect, that I will build one of the best teams this company has ever seen).

The hardest part of being new to network marketing or new to the company that you have joined is getting those first few customers and those first few consultants. Stop number one will ALWAYS be to make a list of people that you know, start with family and friends, the coworkers and acquaintances from church, social groups/clubs, etc…., even write down names of people whose products or service you use–dry cleaner, doctor, insurance salesman, real estate agent, etc…. Write down every person you can think of, then sort them out later to prioritize who you will contact in what order. Remember in Network Marketing that you have two legs you are building with network marketing–a customer base, and a team of marketers–so choose you customers carefully, if you think they would be a good consultant for your team, ask them to be a consultant first. That way they can be their own first customer, and if they are not interested in joining the business, THEN ask them to be a customer for you.

For Customer gathering for a service, start by calling the people who love you the most on your list, and ask them for a favor that would really help them out. Tell them how excited you are about the service/company, and how you would appreciate sharing this with them. It is YOU they care about, not what you are marketing. Just make sure you have done your homework before hand so that you know you are asking them to sign up for a quality service from a respectful company.

For customer gathering for products, often the best way to start is to have a grand opening party at your own home and invite a number of your favorite friends, family, and coworkers. This is kind of both an announcement celebration for your new business, and a way to ask those who love and care about you to help you start off with a strong start by doing you a favor and listening to your presentation (and of course ask them purchase at least a small item). This is also a great time to ask for them to make dates to host a party or for referrals to people who they think would be interested in joining your team.
An invitation could be worded similar to this “Hi mom, I am so excited!! I just started my own _(candle/pottery/candy…)_________ business, and am having a celebration/grand opening party on _(date, time)__. I would love for you to come and share this day with me. It would mean a lot to me to have you help me start my business off on the right foot with _(small, low cost product)______ which I think you will love.”

With the invite (both for a service and for a product), do not give a massive amount of information in the invitation (it can be overwhelming and confusing), be EXCITED and show it, be sincere, and ask for the favor–you are selling yourself more than you are selling a product or service.

The basic beginning for building your downline (very important if you want to make a real income without working 90 hours a week just marketing products or services) begins of course with your refined list. Then again, a simple invitation. Many companies have DVD’s or other video presentations of the business opportunity. This makes your life easier, especially if you are just starting out. Just invite them to look at the presentation (give them a DVD or a link to a video online (DVD seems to be more powerful for most people still) and ask them to give you their opinion on it (don’t ask them to join before they watch it, listen to their opinion first).

A simple invite might go something like this: “Hi Joe. How have you been? I want to share with you something that I am very excited about. I value your opinion and I would love to hear what you think of it. Would you be able to watch this DVD tonight, and I would love to hear your opinion tomorrow over lunch (coffee, etc…) my treat!”

If they start asking a lot of questions before they watch the video, rather than feeling pressured, say “It’s 99% visual, and the DVD explains it better than I can.”

After they watch the DVD, if they have questions, it is always good to have your sponsor or another senior consultant ready (call them ahead of time to let them know you might need to call them) to call in case they have questions during your lunch meeting. That way you can answer simple questions, but if they ask questions that you are unsure of you have someone who can help out. It also demonstrates to the prospective client that there is help available if they need it when they join the business.

People often feel better about jumping into something if they know there is support available. So I would suggest making a call even if you know the answer to all of their questions or concerns. That way you can demonstrate (without having to say anything) how they can do it even if they know nothing about the business, and that help is readily available.

And always remember, as an Independent Consultant, you are a business owner, you run your own business. As with any business, if you do not work it daily, you will not make any money. Even if it is just 15 minutes a day, it keeps that ball rolling. Financial Freedom can be achieved by anyone doing network marketing, but it does take work, dedication, and commitment to working through both the hard and the easy times. Network Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme–it is a make money (and potentially get rich) while working for yourself and hopefully have a lot of fun amid the work plan. Just remember, the biggest thing you need to Market is YOURSELF. So let your Energy FLY.

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Learn the Trick Photography And Special Effects By Evan Sharboneau and be a pro!

Here are some great portrait photography tips for anyone who’s ever been frustrated by a batch of photos that just didn’t turn out. There’s nothing more antagonizing than looking at your hard work and realizing that it is not what you thought it would be. The best of any portrait photography tips is to focus on the subject, and not the quality, of your photographs.

To start with, though, you need the most important tool- the camera. Information abounds regarding the capabilities of various cameras and their complementary equipment. Getting the right camera will help you utilize these portrait photography tips. However, don’t spend a fortune on camera equipment just for casual photography. This article’s portrait photography tips focus more on making your shots clear and interesting, even if they aren’t stellar.

Your eyes are your best tool. Look at photos that stand out to you and determine why they are out of the ordinary. Study their angle and the lighting in the photograph. Apply what you learn to your own photographs, looking out for the right lighting and the best angles in order to produce the best photos. Also keep an eye out for things that might add interest to your shot, such as objects and landscapes in the background.

Another of the portrait photography tips is to practice position. Consider how your camera is oriented to its subject. Take several shots from different positions- from the ground, a chair, close-up, far away, from the right and left, through a gate, etc. Decide what positions give the best effect for different shots.

Paying attention to what people are doing when you’re trying to take their picture is a valuable tip among the many portrait photography tips. You don’t want the viewers to see more of the hands than the face, or for the tops of the photographs to be cut off. Also, taking pictures outside makes people look friendlier. Take action shots to best apply these portrait photography tips. Get people singing, laughing and talking, or participating in activities like doing sports and playing games. Self-focusing cameras will let you take great motion pictures, which is a definite plus when you’re shooting kids.

The portrait photography tips for photographing other living things besides people follow the same general ideas as those for people. You need to follow their movements. Therefore, take time to study how they move before you shoot them, and find out how they’ll react to your presence and that of the camera.

Portrait photography tips for the background of a image encourage you to use up all the space you can with items of interest. If there’s a lot of boring, empty space, you might try framing your photograph with a doorway, some furniture, plants or trees. Be creative, and try snapping shots through anything that has enough room to show the subject. Include people and animals in your landscape.

The best portrait photography tips include making sure you’re taking pictures of things you enjoy and find interesting. In the end, portrait photography tips are all about promoting the world through your eyes clearly. Pay attention to your surroundings and experiment with the best ways to render them, and you’re sure to improve your pictures.

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Iphone 6 Release Date

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Turning trash into art has become a trend but it has been around for ages. We used to look down our nose at people who collected trash, now we call them thrifty, green artists. Here is a look at a few artists that create with trash.

Barbara Yates likes to create visually stunning and beautiful statues. Out of dead trees, that is. Barbara is what they call a recycling artist; she breathes new life into dead recycled trees with a chisel and a mallet. Her statues are featured in parks across the globe as far away as Ireland where she was invited to do some carvings in exchange for room and board as their very first wood carver.

Many of her carvings feature animals, people and symbols that are often linked with spirituality, Mother Nature and the goddess. Her work has come to be used in various rituals and ceremonies including one done by full moon on Halloween Eve.

Although by the looks of her gallery much of her work is spiritual it is a pleasant surprise that she branches out into other mainstream avenues. Yates has been hired to carve well loved pets by their owners, small children and even gnomes. All of which display her quirky and whimsical sense of humor. Some of her carvings have even been turned into some very wacky furniture. You can view some of her work on her blog by clicking here.

Danny O’Connor or Danny O as he’s come to be known, a native of Massachusetts is a natural recycler. He loves to collect thing and turn them into evocative pieces of art. In 2005 Danny was credited with being the first person to ever create art using scotch tape. I don’t mean he taped some stuff together I mean he actually used scotch tape to design elaborate line illustrations.

One of his most memorable projects is his collection of 22,000 lost, thrown away, discarded and used balls that he has turned into a variety of murals. According to Danny, the balls always become the same image of a young boy peering through his hands as if he’s looking through binoculars.

The balls themselves when turned into art become a 3D visualization that blows the mind. Each ball no matter how big or small plays an intricate part of the design. See his ball boy here.

Over the course of a few years, Danny managed to clean up a lot of beaches on his walks. He has collected bags and bags of trash that have made their way into his work. His log cabin studio is filled with old comic books, magazines and other odds ands he’s found. The local trash has become his art supply store. And it all started as a meditation walk, he says.

Paul Reimert is a sculptor but unlike most sculptors his materials are far from conventional. When he first started out he hoped to stop people from buying cheesy ceramic statues from the flea market he often worked at.

He began gathering broken pieces of ceramic and started gluing them together with his hot glue gun. Pretty soon his neighbors became fascinated with his talent and started donating their own broken ceramics.

Back then his statues came as he worked on them, fitting one piece after another together to achieve the right formations. Today he has a construction plan and created each statue with an extensive plan. One thing remains constant though; all his materials come from recycled goods.

His statues are lifelike and realistic in spite of the plastics, ceramics and other odd objects they are crafted from. Each of them resembles a human being and uses only texture and poses to convey a message. All men statues are named David because Michael Angelo’s David statue was his first inspiration and it was the beginning of beginnings and all statues came from that inspiration. You can see his collection here.

Found art has become sexy and trendy and is finding its way into Middle America where the artists themselves are average people recycling old junk into new eco-art. These are just a few extraordinary examples of eco-artists but anyone can do this and best of all, it keeps less junk from finding homes in our landfills.

Trashed is a California based organization that uses artistically painted trash bins to change the way people and businesses think of recycling. They want people to talk about the recycle bins in hopes that they will actually recycle their trash. The Trashed program awards artist for painting creative trash bins by displaying the bins as artwork and then later donating the bins or selling them off for a good cause. Get Trashed here.

Support the arts, support the planet, get trashed and recycle.

Iphone 6 Release Date

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Hov Pod Price

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In May of 2004, I went to Disney World for the first time with my family. It was an amazing trip and I would love to go again. With that in mind, I have put some thought into any changes I would make, and what I would do the same.

The Flight

Flying is definitely the way to go. For those of you who have traveled any amount of distance in a car, you know how exhausting it can be, whether you’re the one driving or not. If you’re going to splurge on a trip to Disney, go the extra mile and splurge on a plane ticket. Unless you only live a few hours driving distance from the park, this will definitely be worth the money. You’ll be more refreshed once you get there and better able to enjoy yourself. For extra convenience, get a plane that does not have a layover, if possible.

Where You Stay

If possible, choose a resort in the park. This is incredibly convenient, especially if you are traveling in a group of more than two people. When you stay in the park, they have buses running from your resort to the park and back again on a regular and constant schedule. If you need to return to your room for any reason, all you have to do is hop on a bus. You can do this without requiring everyone in your party to leave with you. One day on our trip, we had left two of our passes to get into the park at the hotel. We were in a group of ten people, so the bus schedule allowed two of us to get back on the bus and return to the hotel for our passes, while the rest of our group went into the park. We were able to join our party within 30 minutes and continue our day.

Which Resort to Choose

We stayed at the Port Orleans Resort and this is where I would opt to stay again, or one similar. It is a mid-priced resort in the park. It was far enough away from the attractions to be peaceful after a hectic day of amusements. This particular resort had a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere with a restaurant off the main lodge, making meals convenient. When my sister and her family returned two years later in 2006, they stayed at a lower priced resort to help save money. She told me she wasn’t as satisfied as she had been when we stayed at Port Orleans and would definitely spend the extra on a resort upgrade. There are higher priced resorts that are closer to the parks, but one thing to consider is the amount of traffic these places receive. Will you really want that kind of hectic atmosphere after an already hectic day spent at the parks?

Park Hopper Passes

These are not a requirement, but make a nice addition if you can afford it. A Park Hopper Pass will allow you access to more than one park a day. It also allows you to take advantage of extended park hours if you have a Park Hopper and are staying at a resort in the park. This means that you can get to certain parks a little early or stay a little later, and enjoy the park with less of a crowd. You can also use your Park Hopper for Fast Pass. This helps you skip the long wait in line on some of the more popular attractions and is highly recommended.

Character Dining

If you would like to get autographs from the Disney characters, save some time by planning a meal with the characters. We made reservations to have breakfast with the characters and it allowed us to relax and enjoy our meal while the characters came around to the guests’ table. This also allowed the kids to get autographs and pictures from their favorites without waiting in line. If you plan it early in your vacation, you will know which autographs you still need while visiting the parks. For more information on where this is available, type in “character dining” in the search engine on the Disney World website.

Plan in Advance

Get on the Disney World website and do a little pre-planning with their calendar. The tab for the calendar is located at the top of the page. This calendar has the option to plan six to seven months in advance. If you look at the bottom of the calendar, it has “operational updates” which is a listing of what attractions are closed and when. It can be very disappointing to get to Disney World and then find out something you really wanted to see is closed for repairs.

Know What to Expect

By this, I mean you should know that if you’re only going for a week, you’re not going to be able to squeeze everything in that you want to see and do. Make a list of everyone’s “must do” and get those done first. With ten people in our party, it was such a mixture of what everyone wanted to experience that we didn’t get everything done. Have everyone choose a “When I go to Disney, the one thing I absolutely MUST see is (blank)” and go from there. Then make a secondary list. It’s best to have a rough plan in effect before you leave or you may end up wasting time looking at each other saying “Now what?” Scour the internet or consider buying a travel book. There are travel books out there for Disney World that you may find very helpful in planning ahead and well worth the price. Purchasing the book will also allow you to have the access with you wherever you go.

Remember this is a vacation. For some, it’s a once in a lifetime vacation. Don’t wear yourself out to the point that everyone ends up being exhausted, cranky and miserable. (Yes, it happens…ask me how I know) Fit in what you can, but don’t run yourself ragged. This is meant to be a magical trip at the “happiest place on earth”. Make all your memories good ones.

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Human Anatomy And Physiology Practice Exams



Get a free Human Anatomy And Physiology Study Guide here and read Dr. James Ross Anatomy And Physiology Review. This Study Guide For Human Anatomy And Physiology Answers will be your key to success. Human Anatomy And Physiology Marieb is the best online course. Learn more about it through Human Anatomy And Physiology Pdf. Anatomy And Physiology Online Course is a hassle-free and easy way to learn especially if its from Dr. James Ross Anatomy And Physiology Course. We will give you more tips on How To Study For Human Anatomy And Physiology so you can Teach Yourself Human Anatomy And Physiology and prepare yourself for the Human Anatomy And Physiology Practice Exams.

In order to set yourself apart from all of the amateur physical therapists that seem to be flooding the job market right now you’ll need a set of reputable credentials. There’s no better way to establish these accolades than postgraduate training. Although it will take some hard work and dedication, passing the National Physical Therapist Examination training exams and getting certified as a physical therapist will put you in the front lines of the job market and can really help get your name out there to the people trying to wade through resumes. The first step however is actually passing your training exams. Here are just a few of the innovative ways you can prepare yourself and train for the physical therapist training exams, as well as some “best practices” tips for how to prepare for a career in this industry.

Hit the Books

Although the majority of the knowledge that’s useful on a day-to-day basis in this profession isn’t going to be found in a book, the basic building blocks of the practice of physical therapy are. You will need to study a wide variety of subjects in order to be best prepared for this type of career. These subjects typically include; anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, physics and pathology. If you have hopes of passing your physical therapists final exam then expect to put in at least 4 hours of studying a day on all of these subjects. It may seem like a lot -and it is – but the satisfaction of working in this rewarding field make the hard work you put in well worth it.

Get out there

Although most courses have some sort of internship as a prerequisite for the final exam, try to get more exposure to the industry other than what’s required. The physical therapists industry is a highly specialized area of medicine that is full of proprietary do’s and don’ts’ that can only be learned from practical hands-on experience. If your internship only requires a few hours per week of practical study, why not volunteer for a few more hours? Therapists are always looking for a cheap pair of helping hands and will be more than happy to take your help. Going the e4xtra mile in your internship can have a bigger impact on your new career than you might expect. Going above and beyond here can lead to an expedited job offer from your internship or a much needed favor or reference when it comes time to start interviewing for a job.

Attitude is everything

In this industry, a big smile, great communications skills and the patience of a saint are a lot more valuable than knowing obscure and advanced medical precedents or treatments. In this day and age, therapy diagnostics or differentials are done with the aid of databases that are stuffed with 100 times more information than even the most experienced therapists can expect to remember. This means that the practitioner that can rattle off every scientific possibility for 2nd vertebrae back pain off the top of his head isn’t going to be nearly as valuable as the warm hearted, gentle and above all, charming therapist that patients will actually ask for by name.

Be confident

When it comes time to take your final test, the National Physical Therapist Examination, you shouldn’t be scared or nervous of failing. If you are ready to be in this industry then you should pass the test easily, especially since a study guide is provided months before the exam takes place. While the Physical Therapist Examination is far from easy, with the right preparation, experience and confidence you should have no problem passing it with flying colors.

Human Anatomy And Physiology Pdf

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Buy Yacon Syrup Online

Good news to all, you can now Buy Yacon Syrup Extract! Buy Yacon Syrup Toronto, you can Buy Yacon Syrup Nz or Buy Yacon Syrup Online. It’s easy to Buy Yacon Syrup Online, hassle-free! Learn more about Is Yacon Syrup Gluten Free and Is Yacon Syrup Good For Weight Loss. You can now Buy Yacon Syrup Nz plus we will tell you Where To Find Yacon Syrup and you can now Buy Yacon Syrup Australia.

Considering the vast abundance of available information on diet and weight loss, it’s extremely easy to wind up getting confused and frustrated. Because of this, I’ve compiled a list intent on providing you with five, concrete, yet simple ways that you can both successfully and efficiently meet your diet and weight loss goals from a nutrition perspective. In addition to that, this list really contains strategies ultimately aimed at helping you achieve an overall healthier lifestyle. You may recognize some of the proceeding diet and weight loss tips, while others I’m almost sure you’ve been missing out on. I originally set out to make a list with 10 solid tips, but due to length, I’ll release that one shortly, and it will focus on exercise and other facets of overall well-being. With all of that said, however, in no particular order here are 5 Can’t Miss Diet and Weight Loss Tips.

Can’t Miss Diet and Weight Loss Tip #1 – A Grapefruit and a Half a Day Burns the Fat Away

I couldn’t stand grapefruit when I was child, and chances are, many of you haven’t eaten a grapefruit or even seriously considered eating one in years. I’m starting out the list with this big red machine, however, because it really is a machine – particularly in regards to burning bodyfat. If the bitter taste has been keeping you away, try the significantly sweeter (my favorite) Red Ruby Grapefruit. Numerous studies have shown that eating half a grapefruit or drinking a serving of freshly squeezed/juiced grapefruit juice with three meals a day has a profound impact on your body’s fat-burning ability. The key here, as with anything, is consistency. As far as the sugar in grapefruit, don’t even worry. Grapefruit is a low-glycemic index fruit, meaning that it digests slowly and is perfect for your diet and weight loss goals. We’ll talk about the glycemic index in a bit.

Can’t Miss Diet and Weight Loss Tip #2 – Fruits in the Morning, Vegetables the Rest of the Day

No, this doesn’t mean that you can’t eat your grapefruit with your dinner as I just suggested. However, eating the majority of your fruits before 1 pm and focusing on eating vegetables the remainder of the day is ideal. This diet and weight loss tip is commonly lost or pushed aside on the shelf, but it’s an easy way to maximize your weight loss. When you eat more of your fruits in the morning, you better ensure that the sugar converted to energy actually gets utilized and not stored as fat. This may seem trivial, but it definitely adds up.

I’m not a fruit extremist who believes the fructose sugar in fruits (not to be confused with high fructose corn syrup) is a big contributor to weight gain. The fiber in fruits usually takes care of that. Nonetheless, consuming your fruits before 1 pm is just a smarter strategy that takes the aforementioned into account. Plus, when you commit to reserving the remainder of the day for your vegetables, it will hopefully serve as a motivation to stick to a diet where vegetables are a crucial element. We don’t need to go into why vegetables are good for you and how they will help with your diet and weight loss goals. Trust me, they will.

Can’t Miss Diet and Weight Loss Tip #3 – Green Tea

I don’t even need a catchy title for green tea; the stuff speaks for itself. If you haven’t tapped into the fat-burning powers of green tea, you’re highly depriving yourself. Green tea’s diet and weight loss punch is harnessed by a little compound with a name you probably can’t pronounce – epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This compound combats the enzyme that breaks down norepinephrine, another fancy name, but more importantly a neurotransmitter that works to regulate metabolism and subsequent fat burning. By fighting in its defense, EGCG let’s norepinephrine do the work you can’t do. Sustained levels of norepinephrine are conducive to a markedly greater environment for fat-burning, especially when caffeine works to free up fat from fat cells. Oh, did I mention that EGCG also speeds up muscle recovery?

Make sure to opt for green tea that is unsweetened. The extra sugar in other available green teas will do you no good, especially because it’s usually quite high. The general recommendation is to drink a serving with your breakfast and another an hour before working out. If unsweetened green tea isn’t your cup of tea, you can buy pure green tea extract standardized for EGCG. Take 500-1,000 mg as prescribed in the guidelines above. Another serving (either fluid or pill) in the evening is also something to consider, so as long as you make sure it isn’t consumed too close to your bedtime. We all know caffeine and trying to sleep typically don’t do so well together.

Can’t Miss Diet and Weight Loss Tip #3 – Cold Water, Room Temperature Water, Lemon Water; Know Your Water

It’s already an overlooked luxury to have clean water, but the fact that we can take further advantage of this essential source of life is even greater. This diet and weight loss strategy isn’t stressed nearly as much as it should, so hear me out. Knowing the general temperature (cold and room temperature) of your water and which one you should drink at certain times is actually important. Because our bodies have to expend energy to convert cold water into our body temperature before it is used, try to drink coldwater more often. It may not seem like much, but burning those extra calories while drinking the ever-important water will make a huge difference in the long room.

On the other hand, drink room temperature water when you’re performing strenuous cardio or exercise. It may not seem like the popular choice and you may argue that drinking cold water on top of exercise means even more burned calories, but you’re missing the point. We need water to replenish us quickly when we’re going through a hard workout. Drinking room temperature water is much closer to your body’s temperature and can be utilized much faster. Aim for a gallon of water every day.

Lastly, squeezing some lemon into your water doesn’t just have flavoring benefits. Because lemon juice is a natural laxative, squeezing some into your water may help keep you regular in the bathroom. That’s a good thing.

Can’t Miss Diet and Weight Loss Tip #4 – 5 to 6 Small Meals a Day

You’ve probably heard this one over and over and over, but are you actually doing it? Eating 5 to 6 meals of moderate portion sizes throughout the day is one of the most effective and recognized methods for naturally speeding up metabolism. Don’t skimp out on this one. There’s a reason so many people talk and write about it. If it means preparing your snacks the night before do it. If it means writing out your meal plan for the next week on Saturday before you go grocery shopping, do it. If it means snacking in the car to and from work (one of my “Fit-Tips” ), do it. Constantly putting smaller, healthy meals/snacks into your body leaves your body with no choice but to do something with it. This eventually translates to a faster metabolism and more fat-burning. Why miss out?

Can’t Miss Diet and Weight Loss Tip #5 – Eating Fats and Carbohydrates, Where Knowing the Difference Makes all the Difference

Not all fats and carbohydrates are the same. So you may have heard, but do you know the difference? Beginning with the latter, carbohydrates either fall high or low on the glycemic index scale. The glycemic index ranks carbohydrates based on their effects on our blood glucose levels, basically, how fast they are absorbed. Choosing low glycemic index carbohydrates, those that generate only small fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin levels, is associated with prolonged health, reducing the risk of heart disease, and is integral to healthy diet and weight loss. You can visit the official website of the glycemic index to find great carbohydrate sources. As far as high glycemic index carbohydrates, they aren’t absolute either. After strenuous cardio or weight/strength training, consuming high glycemic index carbohydrates is actually recommended. Things like a medium baked potato (plain of course), white bread, a cup of white rice, Gatorade, Smucker’s Strawberry Preserves, etc. – all of these are great choice postworkout.

As far as fats, eating certain fats can actually help your body burn fat. You can click here to read another article I wrote more extensively explaining how this works.

Final Thoughts on 5 Can’t Miss Diet and Weight Loss Tips

It’s my hope that these five diet and weight loss tips/strategies are extremely beneficial to your journey to a healthier, more confident you. If you’ve tried the whole weight loss thing one too many times and have fallen short of your goals, I’d encourage you to read my article about changing and reworking your initial approach. You can read that here. As far as these 5 Can’t Miss Diet and Weight Loss tips, I’ll have to come up with a second edition pretty soon. With so much great and valuable information, you can feel empowered and actually succeed at this. No more confusion or frustration. I know these are things you can definitely do. Hope to see you soon.


Brown, Jordana. “The Carbo Rater”. Muscle and Fitness Magazine. May 2009

Brown, Jordana. “The Usual Suspects”. Muscle and Fitness Magazine. April 2009

Is Yacon Syrup Good For Weight Loss

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Is Yacon Syrup Safe For Diabetics

Watch the Yacon Syrup Dr Oz Show and learn things such as where to Buy Yacon Syrup Extract and the Yacon Syrup Health Benefits. You can now Buy Yacon Syrup Uk. Learn more about Is Yacon Syrup Safe and the latest Yacon Syrup Price. Know more about how Does Yacon Syrup Really Work and get the Yacon Syrup Best Price. Read the Yacon Syrup Reviews For Weight Loss and get free tips about Is Yacon Syrup Safe For Diabetics.

Yacon is a product grown in South America in Andean countries like Peru being used around the world by diabetics, people managing blood sugar-related conditions, and anyone who needs a sugar substitute.

It’s been reported by Peruvians and others who have used it for many years to help avoid constipation, keep glucose and cholesterol levels at a normal range, promote healthy bacteria development as a pre-biotic (bifido bacteria and lacto-bacilus) that stimulates the immune system, improve calcium assimilation preventing osteoporosis, and support diabetics and weight watchers with it’s minimal impact on blood sugar levels.

The root is reported to taste like a cross between an apple and watermelon, and is crisp and sweet. It’s available by import and is beginning to show up on the shelves in some health food stores in the U.S., though I found it hard to find in the Lower Hudson Valley, NY and Northern, NJ areas where I live. I traveled around or called five health food stores, and only two had the product. Both were sold out. The syrups I’ve used had a molasses consistency, and I feel it has it’s own unique flavor.

Yacon is sold in a number of different forms to suit people’s preferences: honey, syrup, dried slices, powdered, raw extract, marmalade, jelly, juice, tea, and capsules. It can be used in any way you would normally use sugar products that are unhealthy for you. I first discovered it in a village in Peru called Ollantaytambo three years ago. A small shop sold it as “Miel de Yacon” (Yacon’s Honey) in 250 grams in a jar. I fell in love with it for the taste, and the health benefits. I don’t have diabetes but it runs on both sides of my family. You know what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The yacon is unique because it’s carbohydrates are stored as inulin and oligofructanes (FOS) a polymer mainly composed of fructose and glucose. Most other tubers and roots store carbohydrates as starch. The sugar it produces is not absorbed by the body–not assimilated or digested in the intestine, and it has only one-fourth the calories in regular sugar. It’s considered a Low Glycemic Index food.

Some of the nutritional components are minerals like potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium and copper; and high vitamin contents such as thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), and niacin (B6).

The only issue I have with the product is the high cost for it that does not make it accessible to everyone who needs it. I’ve purchased two sizes of the syrup here in the United States: one onliine (12 ounces, $23.95, plus shipping) and one in a store (6.6 ounces, $8.00).

Here is a list of some web sites that sell yacon products. You can compare prices.

Zona Natural

Nature Peru

Shaman’s Market

Feel free to check the references and studies on this product listed on Wikipedia. (See link in RESOURCES area on this page).

Yacon Syrup Price

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Electronic Cigarette For Sale

If you want to learn more about electronic cigarette, you can visit Electronic Cigarette for more information.


As the dangers of smoking are being communicated worldwide and the pro-smoking myths debunked, smokers across the world are looking for healthier alternatives and ways to end their habits. Of course, there are the American mainstays of the anti-smoking revolution: the patch, the gum, and several more novel approaches such as hypnosis and sleep therapy.

But many smokers aren’t exactly keen to just quite entirely. After all, smoking is an enjoyable and relaxing habit, if it wasn’t for that damned cancer, emphysema, rotten smell, yellow teeth, etc.

Ruyan, a Chinese company, believes that they have the answer to this problem.

Ruyan has developed an electronic cigar that works by atomizing nicotine at a fairly low temperature, ostensibly avoiding lung damage due to smoke and cancer caused by tar and other substances inherent in traditional cigarettes.

The website for the Ruyan electronic cigarette (and cigar, if that’s your pleasure) claims that inside their product, “low thickness nicotine is pumped into an atomizing cell by a miniature atomizing pump.” This results in what amounts to a fog of nicotine that is inhaled–if it’s inhaled properly, the fog dissipates in the user’s lungs, bringing them a nicotine buzz almost immediately. And since the product atomizes nicotine rather than burning tobacco, it doesn’t leave an unpleasant smell or smoke in the vicinity of the user. In fact, if the Ruyan catches on in America, it’s hard to imagine anyone being annoyed by its use, since it basically functions as an inhaler, and has no unpleasant or dangerous second hand effects.

There is some controversy, however. Since the Ruyan doesn’t stop an individual from wanting (or needing) nicotine, it’s not effective as a means of stopping one’s habit, only a means of replacing that habit with another. And nicotine on its own isn’t exactly safe; it’s a known neurotoxin (widely used as a pesticide in some places) and has nasty withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, lack of sleep, and an increase in appetite.

Inhaling nicotine gets the drug to the brain faster than slow absorption, which is provided by nicotine patches and gums, leading many medical professionals to claim that the Ruyan is as addictive as smoking and not an effective way to stop smoking. High-nicotine Ruyan cartridges have over 10 times the nicotine per inhalation as a normal cigarette.

There are no studies that conclusively support or deny Ruyan’s claims, and until a proper study is done, the Ruyan will remain shrouded in a nicotine-mist of confusion, a sort of gray area in the war against smoking.

Sales of the Ruyan have been steady, however, and until more conclusive research is done, it seems that Chinese smokers and American eBay buyers will seek out the Ruyan, both as a smoking substitute and a stop smoking aid.

Cloud of Smoke Surrounds Controversial Ruyan
Ruyan Official Website


electronic cigarette reviews

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Where To Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extract

If you want to learn more about cambogia extract, you can visit buy Garcinia Cambogia Extract for more information.


Orovo diet pills are marketed as not only fat burner, but also promise to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. They seem to be the ultimate product to look young and lose weight, helping dieters look and feel great as they discover the fountain of youth. Orovo diet pills contain a number of ingredients that have been identified as ‘super foods’ and are promoted as a natural weight loss products with miraculous effects. But what makes these pills so unique, and are they really as effective or even safe as they company claims?

Orovo Diet Pills: The Basics
Orovo diet pills heavily rely on the now-popular topic of superfoods that can combat the signs of aging and promote good health. The company suggests that the high level of antioxdants, DMAE, green tea, and other key ingredients in Orovo pills can help promote weight loss and reduce wrinkles, acne, and other problems associated with aging.

Key Ingredients in Orovo Diet Pills
Orovo diet pills contain extracts of: Barley juice powder, acai, cayenne pepper, buckwheat pepper, flaxseed powder, alfalfa sprout extract, green tea (50% caffeine), DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Idebenone amongst others.

The proprietary blend is what makes Orovo stand apart from other diet pills on the market. However, the entire marketing message rests on the theory of superfoods, and the website quotes dozens of medical journal excerpts to support its claims. The only problem is, these reports support the actual ingredients such as Flaxseed, Acai, Cayenne Pepper, and Soy. This information ahs been available for years for the individual ingredients, but there are no reports or clinical studies available regarding the actual use of Orovo diet pills.

Despite the giant list of medical journal excerpts supporting the benefits of each superfood, there is no evidence to suggest that Orovo diet pills themselves offer the same benefit. Orovo diet pills have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and there is no indication that the pills are safe for all people.

Diet pills with high concentrations of caffeine – Orovo contains 150 mg per serving, the equivalent of about two large cups of coffee. For those who are sensitive to caffeine, this can be detrimental to health. Orovo does offer a stimulant-free formula, but in both cases, there is not substantial proof that these pills can in fact promote fat burning.

Other Information About Orovo
Orovo pills are not the only product available from the company that manufactures htem. Orovo, LLC promotes its ‘Associates’ program to encourage people to sell the product themselves both online and offline.

Other weight loss products include:

-Orovo Detox – designed to remove toxins from the body and also help achieve weight loss
-Anevva – a chemical-free gel that promises to fight acne ‘within 5 seconds’, according to the website
-ExfoZit – an all natural facial scrub
-Acne Treatment Kit – a three step system to help fight acne

Other diet pills and supplements: products such as Alpha T-1 (designed to mimic anabolic steroids), NeuroXplode (a pre-workout drink), and LipoSeduction 2250 (allows dieters to indulge in a ‘cheat meal’ without the guilt).

Orovo pills retail for $80.00 per bottle, while the Orovo Detox retail for $89.95; a significant sum when compared to other diet pills on the market today. Orovo Associates do qualify for a 50% discount where the pills are distributed via an auto ship program.

Bottom Line: As with the thousands of diet pills on the market, Orovo is a risk for all dieters. The supplements contain a powerful mix of ingredients that are found in a number of weight loss pills today, but there is no conclusive evidence that these ingredients have any effect on weight loss at all. Overall, Orovo may be just another diet pill sales scheme to promote overpriced products to a market that is always hungry for the latest fad.


garcinia cambogia extract price

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Best Network Marketing Leads

There are different ways of books on network marketing for getting more leads. This ideas will help you look for mlm lead system and have a strategy when finding leads. If you want to learn more about mlm training online, you can visit training network marketing.


How exactly can a person tell whether they are about to join another network marketing scam or not? There are millions of them floating around on the internet. How can a person protect themselves from losing their money once again? Let’s explore what exactly to look for in a network marketing company to decide if it is indeed a scam or not.

First of all, let’s make one thing very clear here. Just because there is a start up fee or a monthly membership fee involved in a network marketing business does not make it a scam. There are some very legitimate businesses out there that require an investment and are making people tons of money. Also, just because you have started a business and have not made any money in your first month does not make it a scam either. Home based businesses take time and work to see any results. If you think you are going to start a business and become rich by next week, you had better quit now because you will be very disappointed. “Get rich quick schemes” do not exist. You have been warned.

Now that we have covered what is not considered a network marketing scam, lets go over how you can find out if the potential business you are looking into might be one.

What is the product or service like? Do you feel good about what you are promoting or do you feel like you are scamming people? Chances are if you feel like you are ripping people off, then you are. Try to find products or services that you will feel good about promoting and talking to other people about.

Always go by the motto, “If it’s too good to be true, then it might be a scam”. Notice I said might be a scam. Just because a business or product sounds too good to be true does not necessarily make it a network marketing scam. I have found some products that I thought were too good to be true but researched them to find they were totally legitimate. This is where proper research would do you good and we will cover how to do that next.

A good way to research a home based business is to talk with other people. You can easily do this online by joining work at home forums. Here you will find like minded people who are willing to share their experiences with you. Believe me, they will tell you whether a network marketing business is a scam or not if they themselves have been scammed by the company. These types of forums are there to help you. They are a great way to also find legitimate opportunities as well so be sure to utilize them in your search. You can also research a business and find out if it is a scam by checking with the Better Business Bureau. See how many complaints are out there on the business before jumping aboard.

Most scams come in the form of being simple and easy. Scam artists will tell you that you do not have to do any work to make money with their business or they will tell you that they will do your work for you. Every successful Network Marketer knows that in order for you to make an income working online, you will need to do just that, work! Do not be fooled by these people who tell you that it takes no effort to build a business from home.

Working from home with a home based business can be one of the best choices you will make in your life. It can almost guarantee a lifetime of financial freedom and happiness if you do your research to avoid falling into a network marketing scam and find a legitimate business to get involved with. Once you do this just add the necessary ingredients which are commitment, persistence and effort and you will be successful with your network marketing business.

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